Community embraces its garden theater   Link to the article - click here
Sue Ontiveros, August  2016  

Uptown theater garden aims to bring community together  Link to article -click here 

  Adeshina Emmanuel, August 2013

CPS teens transform vacant lot in Uptown into a theater garden  Link to article -click here

Adeshina Emmanuel June 2013

Kids say . . . 
"When I am in the garden, I think about being free and being protected."  Melanie, 9 yrs

"The best part was when we found the worms and different bugs.  The worst part was when the people wanted to kill the worms because the worms are decomposers." 
Cameron, 10 yrs

"The best part is that we get to try the food we planted." Elizabeth, 9 yrs

"It really was great to work work with everyone to put together such a wonderful garden. I liked designing,planting, and building. It made the summer fun."  Samantha, 15 yrs

Community says . . .
"Martie Sanders, is an innovative committed visionary who cultivates and stewards the valuable relationship between people and nature."

Reverend Debbie Williams, Outreach Coordinator, Faith in Place

"Chinese Mutual Aid Association  has partnered with Green Scene Chicago for five years now, and through our work at the Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden, our youth have learned skills in gardening, nutrition, and community-building in a fun and engaging way. CMAA is proud to be partners with Green Scene Chicago, an organization that is a valuable part of our diverse community."

Margaret Smith
Youth Department Manager
Chinese Mutual Aid Association

"Every time I visit Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden I marvel at the transformation wrought by Martie Sanders and the Green Scene Summer Stock teens.  A former abandoned lot is now a robust garden paradise enjoyed by the whole neighborhood.  I also marvel at the number of communities Martie has connected to and involved with this work:  neighborhood families, neighborhood cultural associations and churches.  She has created a true community garden, training center and multicultural center, drawing support from and giving back to the whole neighborhood."

Dorothy Milne, Artistic Director,
Lifeline Theatre

"Green Scene provides a much needed space in this community for our young people to learn in a fun and engaging way. Martie is excellent at teaching our youth the value of gardening, team work and community involvement."
Olivia N. Santiago,
Prevention Specialist, Alternatives, Inc.  

"The 48th Ward is proud to continue our partnership with your great organization, Green Scene Chicago. The work that you do with the youth of our community is wonderful and always greatly appreciated."
Dan Luna, Chief of Staff of 48th Ward 

"Martie’s commitment to the community and it’s members surpasses the imagination.  She is “growing” a bright future for all of us in the work she does."
Tom Welch, Community Activist and Retired Principal.

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