Helianthus - a Power Flower trots the Globe! - 2018

Sunflower seed's amazing journey! From its early roots with the Aztecs in Mesoamerica all the way to Peter the Greats Russia!

Evelyn- Sunflower
Aida-     Queen of Spain
Jesus-  An Aztec
Hakim-  Peter the Great
Judith - Peter's Manservant

Conceived and Directed by Martie Sanders
Props and Scenic designs by Sharon Evans
Music by The Pollinators!

 A Tale of Three Sisters- Corn, Bean, and Squash - 2017

Adapted from an Iroquois legend, this tale imparts the wisdom of companion planting and
joyfully expresses how supporting one another and communication are key to growing strong. The teens planted the set of corn, beans and squash in May. 

Click to see fun video excerpt #1
Yotahala wants to speak to corn, bean and squash,
 those the beautiful sisters of the earth! 
He gets advice from the wolves.
See another video excerpt #2
Important seeds are collected from the audience.

  Jacklyn and the Beanstalk- 2016

  Much Ado About Dirt- 2015

In a summer dedicated to investigating soil nutrition, the Green Scene teens discover there is MUCH ADO ABOUT DIRT. As one actress put in her writing: "Soil is alive! Soil breathes." The teens perform their own choral spoken word piece of nitty gritty truths and adapt monologues from Illinois poet, Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology. 

  Project Tap Root - Uptown's Youth unite in a performance series- 2014

Green Scene Summer Stock Teens perform 
TJ Gypsy Jazz Swing                                               KODC  Kings of da Culture rap
Momentum Sensorium Modern Dance                      Joel Hall's Youth Company Dance
National Dance Day Audience Workshop                 Alternatives Poetry Audience Workshop
Mazehual Native Drumming & Dance Workshop      Uptown Upcycle making planters
Chicago Winds Ensemble plays
Alternatives brings Hip Hop performance too

  Illinois Institute of Technology College Students design high-tech theater gardens 
Students in Professor Paradiso's Urban Architecture Class at the Illinois Institute of Technology use Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden and its concept as a "theater garden" to inspire their own designs and present them. 

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