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growing community and creativity in gardens

Green Scene Chicago's mission . . .

To link community members across generations and cultures by using urban gardening to inspire story performances and by using urban school and community gardens as theaters.

a garden as an artistic home . . .

The  Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden was once an abandoned lot in Chicago, but in 2013 Green Scene Chicago rallied a neighborhood to transform it into a community garden. It is now tended collectively by partners that include 7 families, 3 community based organizations and Green Scene Chicago. Each spring Green Scene Chicago recruits and offers teenagers gainful summer employment. They learn healthy growing practices while unearthing healthy self-expression through writing, storytelling, theater, music and dance. These young people produce food and produce free performances for the neighborhood at Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden. Growing Our Community Day launched the garden and the before/after shots are here: http://vimeo.com/114483198

  The 2016 production of JACKLYN AND THE BEANSTALK  was created and performed by 2016 Green Scene's Summer Stock Teen Ensemble.

The ensemble stands with the bean teepee that they constructed and grew as a theater set.
Front and center is: Devene Parker. Behind her left to right are: Catherine Kannah, Liliane Tran, Chisom Chima, Abub
akar Ayuba, and Aida zeleke  

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This photo won 1st place with
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CLICK HERE -- to see 2 minutes of the performance! Link to VIMEO!

In their adaptation the age old tale,
13-year-old Jacklyn who has a fear of heights must climb a giant beanstalk to save her family. She encounters Giant Baby Ju Ju, who fears dirt and eating fresh food that grows in it. Ju Ju gobbles only sugary Smarties and Dum Dum lollipops as a steady diet!  “Fee-fi-fo-fum. Will I get a Smartie or will I get a Dum Dum?” With the help of the audience,  Jacklyn and Ju Ju conquer their fears. Audience members sample fresh beans and learn about good nutrition.  T
hanks to ALDI, each attendee takes home a can of beans!


On the left: Giant Baby Ju Ju demanding candy,
while "Jello" the Golden Cello plays a soothing lullaby.

Above: the ensemble introduces themselves to an audience.

Photographs courtesy of: Hani Moustafa


Green Scene's dynamic arts residency explores botany with theater-making
. 4th and 5th graders at Nathanael Greene Elementary performed in their school garden. This was the culminating event of Green Scene's "Seed to Fruit" cross-pollination of science, literacy and theater arts.
NGSS and ELA core alignment.
Bring Green Scene to your school.
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CPS Curriculum 

  Green Scene Chicago is conceived and created by Martie Sanders,
a Chicago actress,monologist, and Master Gardener.
  Contact: martie@greenscenechicago.org

Green Scene Chicago programming is endorsed by Alderman Harry Osterman of the 48th Ward.
Funding awards have come from: The Illinois Arts Council, City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, After School Matters, Whole Kids Foundation, Muhammad Ali Center, and The Puffin Foundation Ltd.
The garden is protected and supported by a community land trust through NeighborSpace.

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