Winthrop Harmony ARts Garden

   May 2013                                           October 2014
   4919 N Winthrop, 60640                  
Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden
Prior to its transformation               Harvest performance from Chinese Mutual Aid
Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden in the making -
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JUNE 2013
Green Scene Chicago recruits Uptown youth, neighborhood schools and Root Riot mentors to launch the transformation of
4919 North Winthrop with: 

Growing Our Community Day
Green Scene Chicago links with After School Matters and hires 15 teenage apprentices to tend the  garden and rally new community partners as garden teams.  ASM teens design and build garden beds for eight new partners and welcome them in with a Garden Bed Dedication Ceremony.
The ceremony honors newly recruited partners:

McCutcheon Elementary Mid-America Senior Care
Chinese Mutual Aid Association
Uplift Community High
Uptown Ministries
St Thomas of Canterbury Church
Vietnamese Association
48th Ward Offices
Green Scene Chicago starts Garden Groove.
campers learn organic gardening and create garden-inspired music.  Prince Malonga teaches African dance.  Camp ends with a dance jam for family and friends. Click here for DNA Info's second press coverage.
Green Scene Chicago hosts Welcoming the Moon Harvest Festival at the newly named Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden. Families enjoy free live music, moon lantern crafting, face painting, theater games, an African dance workshop and harvesting. A harvest donation is made to Saint Thomas of Canterbury's Soup Kitchen.
APRIL 2014
Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden now opens with new garden partners joining Green Scene Chicago to plant their garden beds. 
Green Scene Chicago recruits and hires another crew of 17 teen apprentices through After School Matters.  They learn organic gardening and theater techniques in the garden. Project Tap Root starts on Saturdays and brings nine young performing arts companies from Uptown to perform free for the public, including the ASM teens.
Green Scene Chicago's teen apprentices perform original works for a final show in Project Tap Root.  Their production title: "Grow! Sow! What up Bruh?"
To see photos of the other participating Project Tap Root artists please click here to go the TEENAGERS page on this site.
Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden closes with a final harvest and a performance from Chinese Mutual Aid's young fan dancers. A harvest donation is made to Saint Thomas of Canterbury's Soup Kitchen.

A third group of teen apprentices to grow and learn at Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden.   They take an abundant harvest to the Argyle Night Market and create a final showcase in the garden:
"Much Ado About Dirt"

MAY 2016
Green Scene Teen Ensemble stands on the place where they will plant the bean stalk scenery for their show:
"Jacklyn and the Beanstalk"

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